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High Quality, High Performance, Electric Bicycles NZ

Bionic Electric Bikes are designed and engineered, here in New Zealand specifically for New Zealand’s challenging conditions. With such undulating topography here in New Zealand, many overseas eBikes are massively underpowered and thus ineffective when it comes to tackling the hills we are surrounded by. For this reason, we have specifically tailored our range of electric bikes to not only survive in New Zealand’s challenging conditions, but to thrive in them.

The key to our electric bikes longevity and incredible performance is a product of intuitive engineering, reliable electronics, and industry leading componentry. We have worked hard to develop a range of electric bikes that perform just as good as they look. Partnering with reputable brands such as Shimano, Sram, Bafang, Schwalbe, and many others, is testamant to our commitment to providing our customers with the best electric bike for their needs.

Why Bionic eBikes

Not sure which eBike is right for you? We’ve got you covered!

Bionic Electric Bikes was established back in 2014, and since then we have spent thousands of hours refining our bikes through meticulous R&D to develop the best electric bikes in New Zealand. With electric bikes ranging from a high performance hard-tail mountain bike, through to a relaxed step-through cruiser bike, and everything in between, rest asssured we have the perfect bike for you.

Fluro Yellow Bionic Sprint

Aside from our electric bikes, we pride ourselves greatly on our customer care. We want our customers to feel welcome to pop in anytime for a chat, ask a question, or just to pump up your tyres! Overall, we want our customers to know that our commitment and service to them extends far beyond the initial purchase of their eBike.

Special Limited Edition Pink Cruiser

Best Electric Bike NZ

How do you find the best electric bike in New Zealand for you? The simple answer is, you ride it. eBikes come in all different shapes and sizes and when you add the extra component of motor models, there becomes a lot of information to consider. A bike may even meet all of your prerequisites such as colour, motor, battery size, handlebar shape, etc. but when you hop on it for the first time, the geometry just feels wrong. There are so many factors that can influence your comfort on the bike and subsequent enjoyment that aren’t common on peoples checklist.

We at Bionic are firm believers in thoroughly test riding an eBike before making any decisions as first and foremost you have to be comfortable on your bike. Fortunately our range of eBikes were designed with you in mind and come with multiple points of adjustment to put you in the perfect riding position.

Trusted eBike Advice

With 10 years of experience in the industry, we strive to provide customers with trustworthy and valuable advice when it comes to their electric bike purchases, maintenance, and use. We understand how technical and information dense it can become when talking about eBikes and are happy to guide you through the entire process at your speed. We also recognise that your initial eBike purchase is just the first step on your journey. Understanding how to maximise the benefits of your eBike, meeting its servicing requirments, knowing which trails and paths to use, we’re here to help you. Whether you want to pop into the showroom, email, or call, we are open 7 days a week ready to help you realise the maximum benefit from your Bionic electric bike.

Electric Bike Test Rides

Here at Bionic we are aware of the complexities involved in purchasing your first electric bike and aim to make this process as simple and enjoyable as possible. Being located on the Meadowbank cycleway allows us a unique opportunity to offer a safe environment for test rides for all our customers on a beautiful new 7 kilometer bike path with undulating hills and stunning views.

eBike Rental Couple Having Fun

We know viewing electric bikes and hearing all the specs can quickly become an information overload. But it doesn’t have to be that hard. We strongly encourage all of our customers to take a ride on a few of our models, mid-drive and Sensor drive, to develop their own understanding of how the differences in geometry, motor, handlebar, etc. impact on the overall ride of the bike.

Ebike Rentals

Not ready to commit to buying a bike yet? Visiting from overseas and want to view auckland by elecric bike? Looking for a family friendly weekend activity? Our electric bike rental fleet is waiting for you!

We have a full range of the latest models of Bionic e-Bikes available for rental use. The Bionic Experience Centre is located right next door to the new Orakei/Meadowbank cycleway (which is spectacular!). Grab some friends and explore Auckland like you never have before on one of the numerous cycleways that branch out from our store. We will help you choose the best path to take and have maps to guide you on your way.

Rental cost is $60 for half a day or $80 for a whole day. Longer term rentals are also available. If you decide to buy a bike after the rental period we will deduct the rental cost from the cost of the bike.

Commuter Bikes

Say goodbye to the stress of rush hour traffic with our commuter eBikes! Designed for your daily commute to work, school, or the grocery store, these bikes offer a top speed of 38 kilometers per hour and a range of 50 – 90 kilometers. Enjoy the freedom of gliding through the streets, taking in the scenery along the way.

With our commuter eBikes, you’ll find yourself looking forward to your daily travels, knowing you can breeze past the congestion and arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and energized. Experience the joy of a hassle-free commute and reclaim your time to focus on what truly matters. Invest in your daily journey; choose our commuter eBikes for unparalleled convenience and reliability.

Sprint-Vivid Lemon RHS

Step-Through Electric Bikes

Our step-through electric bikes prioritize comfort and ease of use, catering to riders of all abilities. With a step-through frame design, mounting and dismounting are effortless, enhancing accessibility. If you’re seeking a bike that aligns with your requirements for comfort and confidence on your adventures, look no further!

Visit our store, where our team will gladly assist you in finding the perfect ride to embark on new experiences and adventures. Don’t let anything hinder your exploration – our step-through electric bikes are here to ensure your journey is as enjoyable, accessible, and worry-free as possible. Experience the freedom of riding with confidence and comfort today!

Special Limited Edition Pink Cruiser

Electric Mountain Bikes

Our electric mountain bikes are designed to excel on trails and serve as reliable commuting eBikes. Meet the Bionic Ranger: your ultimate electric mountain bike companion for tackling single track, rail trails, gravel, and dirt with ease. Ascend uphill effortlessly, maximizing your time for the exhilarating descent. Choose between mid-drive and SensorDrive motor models, each offering distinct advantages.

With two captivating designs, the Bionic Ranger stands out as the ‘do it all’ eBike solution. Whether you’re exploring rugged terrain or zipping through urban streets, the Bionic Ranger ensures an exhilarating ride every time. Embrace adventure without compromise with the Bionic Ranger electric mountain bike.

Ranger SensorDrive

Folding Electric Bikes

The Bionic Nifty+ is the pinnacle of collapsable electric bikes. It’s simplicity and versatility are truly somethung to get excited about.

Although it’s the smallest bike in our range, the Nifty+ punches well above its weight as this eBike has a top speed of 38 kilometers per hour, and a 504Wh battery with a range of 50 – 90 kilometers (upgradeable to either 672Wh, or 840Wh).

Its over-size tyres make the ride much more comfortable and allows the bike to be competently used on light trails, which it handles with ease.

The two hinge folding mechanism makes the packing and unpacking process a breeze and allows the Nifty+ to be stored and transported in compact spaces.


…better. stronger, faster

Designed for NZ conditions

48V electrical system for greater power & reliability

Hydraulic brakes for better stopping power

New Zealand Safety Standards Approval

Local available parts

Glenn and Liz from Ilam, Christchurch

“We just love our Bionic e-Bikes! We’ve ridden them all over NZ and keep looking forward to our next adventure”

Ted from Horsham Downs, Hamilton

“My Bionic electric bike is awesome. There isn’t a hill I can’t climb now”

Karen and Bill from Hillsborough, Auckland
“Our City-X model bikes from Bionic are smooth, powerful and very comfortable to ride. We stopped cycling years ago but are loving it once more”


12 months interest-free terms with Q-Card and Q Master Card.


Expert technical support and friendly customer service.


      Industry leading warranty:         6 years frame, 2 years all other parts


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