Bionic Bikes are specialists in electric bikes.

We started our business four years ago with generic, off-the-shelf frames. We soon realized that these bikes could be so much better and so we began tweaking things to better suit our market. Now we completely design all our products from the ground up. The results have been so good that some of our designs are being used in Germany and Holland – the Mecca of electric bikes.
We proudly stand behind our products and are committed to providing the best levels of service. Our Auckland based service centre carries a full range of spare parts, which are kept in stock for the lifetime of the bike. We are continuously improving our products and will upgrade the software in your bike to the latest version for free next time your bike comes in for its service. We are committed to supplying innovative products which guarantee satisfaction.

* Bionic Bikes is the trading name for APG Limited, which is a 100% NZ owned and operated business.

Designed specifically for New Zealand conditions

It is important that the bike’s frame and components have been designed to suit the conditions we have in New Zealand. We design our bikes from the ground up in New Zealand to suit the conditions we know that the bike needs to face.

Greater Power

All Bionic™ bikes are fitted with 48V electrical systems. This provides greater peak power (than a 36V system) and runs the electrical system at lower current levels, meaning higher efficiency and lower component stress – reducing wear and tear.

Bionic™ SensorDrive System

Years of dedicated development work has resulted in the SensorDrive system – technology which allows the fluid feel of a mid drive in a hub drive e-bike. Dual sensors measure the force applied to the pedals and the speed of rotation. Clever software then turns this information to power that you control – smoothly propelling you on your way and eliminating the jerkiness often associated with lessor systems. Bionic’s SensorDrive is also much more responsive – starting and stopping much quicker than other motor control systems.

Attention to detail

It’s the details that matter. Details such as running cables through the frame so they can’t get damaged. Details such as adding a lock-out control to the front forks for more efficient riding on smooth roads. Details such as using waterproof connections throughout the electrical system to ensure they don’t fail years down the track.


Bionic™ bikes are equipped with the ultimate safety package. All City and Mountain bikes feature 180mm hydraulic disc brakes to stop you quickly when you need to. All Bionic™ bikes come standard with front and rear LED lighting (even the mountain bikes as we know that often cyclists need to use their bike in darkness, and we would rather you were safe). To legally ride an e-bike on the road in New Zealand it must be classified as a “bicycle”. As such it must comply with NZ safety standards. Every Bionic™ model has been tested and passes ASNZS1927 – the mandatory safety standard in New Zealand for bikes.