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Technology never rests!!

Its major purpose is to continually evolve and replace existing technology with a new and improved one. Bicycles are no exception!

New technological advancements have transformed our favourite two-wheeler into an electric bike and that too for a good reason. Electric bikes are even lighter, faster, and smarter!

Are you excited about electric bikes? It is no secret that the sale of e-bikes is continually soaring as more and more people are now stoked about its benefits. Electric bikes are here to enhance the human-powered way of life, specifically for traveling and commuting habits among this global pandemic. In this post, we will learn about some best electric bikes available and whether they are worth the hype.

Which are the best Electric Bikes?

Electric bikes, also known as, ‘e-bikes’ have liberated the constraints of the standard bicycle such as heavyweight, paddling, gearing, etc. One of the best advantages of electric bikes is that they have made the joy of cycling accessible for many people in different ways. Broadly speaking, these battery-powered bikes let you enjoy the benefits of biking, without getting sweaty.

Is it worth getting an Electric Bike?

The short answer to this question is a big YES!

People love riding electric bikes for their extended range, ease of use, and huge climbing efficiency. Other values that e-bikes offer to riders include better range, wind resistance, and high speed. 

But wait there is more!

  • Easy Pedalling

 Electric bikes make pedaling even easier as compared to a standard bicycle. You will find many different types of e-bikes such as electric scooters with no pedals, whereas others are designed similar to the regular bike with pedals. Amongst all, e-bikes with pedals are perfect, specifically for those who want to stay active and do cycling for exercise. 

  • Physically Active Lifestyle

 Similarly, for older riders who are recovering from any physical injury or want to return to their exercise after a long break; believe me, an e-bike is worth getting, which will ease their lives. 

  • Eco-Friendly

 Moreover, if you are an eco-conscious consumer and love cycling too, an electric bike is the best eco-friendly option. Why? This is because e-bikes consume no gas and oil rather a small amount of energy. Also, they do not emit any harmful gas into the environment keeping it clean. 

  • Effortless Traveling 

 For all bicyclers who want fast yet effortless commuting, buying an e-bike is a sound way to go. Electric bikes also help you avoid jam-packed places while making your riding experience less tiring and more convenient. Its motor pedaling assists you in riding at high speed to cover long distances. 

Then what are your thoughts about an electric bike? Isn’t it worth getting?

Is an electric bike still good exercise?

Do you want something that will help you stay physically active and explore places around you? Bionic electric bike can add plenty of value to your lifestyle.

Well, there is no doubt that cycling, specifically mountain biking is all about exercising that promote physical health. But some people are dubious about e-bikes as how motor-assisted bike can help promote your health when most of the work is done by its motor rather than your body muscles. 

Believe it or not, research has shown that:

‘People who ride e-bikes get more exercise as opposed to standard bicyclists’

Wondering how? Let’s see!

E-bike riders get more exercise because they tend to spend more time on their bikes and take longer-distance trips than standard cyclists.

Another study has found that electric bikes are an excellent form of cardiovascular and aerobic exercise. It is equally beneficial for expert mountain bikers who tend to engage in fitness activities regularly. 

Pedalling an e-bike is also a workout because it requires as much physical exertion as riding a standard bicycle. This motor-assisted bike only assists you in pedalling; however, pedalling is still there and when you pedal, you need to exert force. The only difference is that effort feels comparatively easier on an electric bike. In addition to this, riding e-bike can also improve your blood-sugar control. SEO NZ by Websites and Beyond.

So, people who have considered e-bikes are cheating. Well, it’s not true as you still burn calories and stay physically active when riding e-bike. It’s similar to riding a standard bicycle but in a bit easier way!


All in all, people are using e-bikes for various reasons, and that has made them more physically active. Electric bikes are gradually becoming the future of cycling for some of their value-added features, including lightweight, high range and speed, and efficiency. 

You can charge this power-assisted bike and use it anytime just like your normal bicycle. You can avail all the benefits of a standard bicycle by riding this electric bike along with enhanced efficiency.