Bionic’s Nifty+ is a lightweight folding bike with a 48 volt rear motor, providing smooth power when you need it. The Nifty+ features Bionic’s SensorDrive system, giving the feel of a mid motor but in a rear motor format. The battery is positioned low and mid-mounted in the frame, giving the bike a very balanced feel (a super-sized 840Wh battery is available as an optional extra on this bike for anyone wanting to go off-grid for a while). The tyres are oversized 2.35″, which help give a softer ride over bumpy terrain. The tread pattern makes these tyres suitable for both on road and light trail use (Grade 1 or 2 Trails). The gearing is provided by a Shimano Acera 8 speed system and has been configured to allow for a wide range of terrain. All of this is packed into a bike which can easily fit into the boot of a car.